Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Underwater Noise: The Overlooked Catastrophe

Underwater Noise – The Overlooked Catastrophe. from OceanCare on Vimeo.

While many of us are affected by the effects of masking, where loud noises such as traffic, music, or aircraft overflights interrupt our conversations, but what about the sounds we don't hear? Most of us are not familiar with the effects of noise underwater, where air guns, sonar, and shipping can reduce and even decimate the marine environment.

Seismic air guns, one major contributor to underwater noise, have been measured to produce sounds at 190 dB. Compared to a jet takeoff at 140 dB? This is unheard of in the human environment, and not just because you can't hear it. Even the Krakatoa eruption, which was heard nearly 3,000 miles away, was only 180 dB! Try talking over that!

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